Breaking into Japanese Literature and Anki

by Russ


This evening I finally got a chance to crack open Breaking into Japanese Literature.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a series of Japanese short stories that have each word and kanji defined as well as a full translation.  It starts off with shorter stories, that have easier to digest sentences, and then moves on to harder, more descriptive sentences.

So many new words to learn!!

So many new words to learn!!

Right off the bat, as long as you can read hiragana you can read the first page!  Each time you get to a word or kanji you don’t know, just refer to the bottom half of the page for a definition and kanji reading.  And if you’re as bad as I am, that will be for pretty much every word… in fact, the only kanji I knew was 女(おんな)  and to be honest I thought it was read as かのじょ…

But I refuse to be deterred!  After about 20 minutes of struggling, going back and forth with the text and not remembering anything, I decided to take the bottom half of the page and make an Anki deck out of it!  Thus began my first Kanji focused Anki deck.  It took about 30 minutes to build the deck and another 30 minutes to run through the first 25 cards, but when I was done, I was able to blow through the first 2-3 sentences like a champ!  It was actually so much fun that I insisted my wife let me read it out loud to her, which of course required translating, it was a blast!!!

So give it a try, you can do it for free actually since Amazon has scanned in the first part of the story and I’m sharing my Anki deck here.