Studying on the Go

by Russ

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to purchase the Anki mobile application.  If you’re not familiar with Anki, it’s a memorization software that allows you to study flash cards containing plain text, audio, video, and even HTML code.  It is really versatile and even syncs between many devices and has a slew of pre-made  or ‘shared’ decks for you to start studying right away.

Anyway, the desktop apps and web versions are completely free and I’ve been using them for a few weeks now (I’ve even verified that you can use the web version on your iPad).  But the iPad/iPhone version cost a whopping $24 USD!  Now considering that you get so much for free, this isn’t that bad, but still, I’ve never paid that much for an iPhone app!  (Thus the reason for so much time to decide on the purchase) Well, this past payday I decided to pony up the cash.  And I have to say I am not disappointed!

After buying on my iPhone, I immediately checked to see if it included on the iPad app as well and luckily it did.  So the $24 includes both the iPhone and iPad versions.

As for use, I’ve been using it almost exclusively.  Several times I find myself wanting to study, but not in the mood to go fire up the laptop, and realize that I just have to grab my phone.  So far though, I’ve only studied plain text and audio flash cards, but they work great.  I’ve yet to test the video feature, but that’s because I don’t have any video flash cards.

The only issue/bug I’ve found thus far is that sometimes the audio won’t replay if you wait too long to listen to it again.  So if you hear a word, then get distracted for a few minutes, coming back and replaying may or may not work.  But that has happened only a few times at this point.

While it was a hefty price, I am very, very satisfied with the result.  No internet connection is required (except for syncing results), so I get to practice in the elevator, walking around at lunch, or just before going to bed.  If you’re thinking about buying it, but you’re on the fence, I would first make sure that you’re going to keep up with studying by using the free desktop (Mac and PC) apps.  After you’re sure you won’t give up tomorrow, get it.  And study everywhere!