Questions Resulting from Anki

by Russ

So a few weeks ago, I built an Anki deck out of the the top 25 verbs from  And finally this week, I took the time to learn how to reverse them! (In other words flip the front and back so that I have to say the Japanese version of the English word).  Anyway, generally while studying Anki I find my self questioning a number of things that I’m just not sure about.  So this post will server as my question log for today.

りかいする = To Understand.

This is strange to me.  I’m very familiar with わかる (to understand) and use it often in practicing for example: わかりません or わかりました to explain that “I understand” or “Now I understand (implying that I didn’t before)”  But I don’t believe I’ve ever heard りかいする used in speech before.

よぶ = To call (not phone)

What does that even mean!?  I actually came across this in another pre-made anki deck that said it meant ‘to call, name’ but I’m not 100% on how I would use this verb.  I assume that you could that you could call/name a pet, so maybe something like “ぼくはいぬのJavaよびました.”  I think that would be “I called/named my dog Java.”  But that’s the best I can think of for this verb.

ほしい = To want

I actually discussed this verb with あさこさん a while back and her feedback was that ほしい was a rather childish way to express wanting something.  Maybe I need more clarification on this…

Well, hopefully I’ll come back to this and update with answers soon 🙂